Their personalities are always changing ... so, let's freeze it! Mixing my love for black & white, true craziness & modern design - I bring you Little Sugars! The perfect way to capture the world's wild children in their most comfortable + natural form: nose picking & all!


What are little sugars?

Little Sugars are black + white personality portraits. These are a fun, easy way to capture your kiddos true personality & freeze time (for just a little)! In the comfort of the CRP Studio - your child will get 10 minutes to go crazy + be their authentic self! The result? Pure sugar.

How old does my little sugar need to be?

Recommended for ALL kiddos of ALL ages! There is no limit! As long as they can sit up by themselves - they can do a session!

Do you offer color images?

These are strictly black & white only. As an artist, I feel like the juxtaposition of crazyyy photos in a beautiful, classic b&w form is the best way to capture your child's personality in a fun + trendy way!

What should my little sugar wear?

Whatever they want! In addition, any + all props are highly encouraged. They love football? Let's throw it! They can't go anywhere without their lovie? Let's snuggle it!

Can all my sugars get a picture?

Yes of course! When you add on additional kids - sibling shots will be included!