It's officially fall, y'all!

Happy September!!! Can you believe it? Bring on all the pumpkin spice lattes + sweater weather days! Oh, and ALLLLLLL your family sessions!

My schedule is overflowing & so is my heart (cliche but true). I am just so grateful that you all have chosen me to capture the most special moments in your life year after year. Family Sessions are one of my favorite things to photograph. I love watching your kiddos grow & getting to catch up on all your adventures from the year! However ... they can also be extremely stressful. I get it - you're paying a lot of money & want beautiful photos for your Christmas cards & hope some are even good enough to make it up on the mantle - but, the worst possible thing you can do is STRESS. I am here to guide you before, during & even after our session to make sure it's everything you want + more. I can't guarantee it all be perfect, but I can guarantee it will beautiful. There is so much beauty in allowing your family to be just that - family. Let your children run around. Let your daughter wear her glittery dress up shoes (not worth the meltdown!). Let your husband complain about how all he wants to do is go home & watch football. It's okay. The majority of photos that end up being your favorite are the candid ones. I promise!!!

Here are my tips + tricks to making sure your family session goes smoothly & we create memories that will last a lifetime!


Oh man. If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me what they should wear to family photos I would be rich! This seems to be the #1 question I get asked & rightfully so. Coordinating outfits is hard work!

My biggest advice is: pick your outfit first. After mom has her outfit, it makes everything so much easier. Don't worry or focus too much on certain colors or patterns ... just pick an outfit you love & feel beautiful in. This will set the tone for the entire shoot / final photos! Next: do the kids. The easiest way to do this is to simply just pull colors from your outfit. See how she played off the browns in her dress? Lastly: finish it off with dad. Not because he is least important lol - but simply because he will be the easiest & probably already has something in his closet that will work. Dress him in pretty basic clothes - they always photograph well on men!

Below are some outfit guides I put together for inspo! Dying for an exact match?? Email, text or dm me! I'll send you a link!

P.S. - don't be afraid of weird color combos! Loving all of these vibes.


This is the second most frequently asked question. The great news is - it really isn't that big of a deal where we take them! Because of my editing style, the background is majoritly blurred anyway. So - take your pick! I always love shooting at my clients home or somewhere special to their family. I have a location guide to help you out!


I don't know why but photoshoots sometimes can give people the worst anxiety. But like I said - I will do all the heavy lifting (aka fix your hair, get your kids to laugh & maybe even get your husband to smile!). All you have to do: show up & be positive! Negative energy is sooo contagious. No need to tell the kiddos they're gonna be grounded or get frustrated & give up ... girl, I got you - promise! I am beyond excited to take your pictures & trust me - I want them to be as beautiful as you want them to be! Just sit back, relax & let me work my magic! But hey - champagne beforehand never hurts! Haha

As always, if you have any questions at all please don't hesitate to reach out. Thanks for choosing Chloe Reed Photography this fall. See you soon!